Channeling Sessions

Connect with Unnakasunja, seventh dimensional collective. 
Bypass human filters and head straight to purity, wisdom and love-based energy.

30min | £55
60min | £111

Who Are Unnakasunja?

They call themselves: Unnakasunja (Unna - ka - sun - ja). This is translated as 'We Within You'. 

They operate within the frequency of light and colour on the seventh dimension. While they have light bodies, they can project as humanoid. They have explained that they are part of Robyn's star family, extraterrestrial - in a sense. Unnakasunja have an unusual accent and a great sense of humour. 

Watch the video to have them explain it to you.

How it Works

What is Channeling

Channeling is essentially entering into a meditative state and connecting with higher energy, universal knowledge and wisdom that is aligned with your own frequency. Everyone channels, often without even realising. This is usually when you're 'in the zone' following a natural flow without noticing time pass. In times of creativity and creation, we can all enter this state. To channel consciously through the vocal cords takes alot of practise for some, and easier for others. 

To learn how to channel, order Love It Or More | A Guide to Spiritual Awakening & Channeling book here.

To check out more on channeling, go here.

What to Expect

Personal channeling sessions involve a few moments of meditation while Robyn slips into channel. The session is recorded for later reference as the profundity of the wisdom takes time to process.

Do not be alarmed if Robyn twitches during the session or if you notice you have a 'sweet tooth' after. This is normal. Treat the experience as a direct connection to your Higher Self.

This is an activating experience where you can ask personal questions about your life, spirituality or akashic records while receiving high dimensional frequencies and love.

How to Book

To keep things simple, there are two personal channeling options available, based on duration.

Channeled Reading:

30min | £55

60min | £111

To book, click the 'Book My Channeling Session' button at the top of this page. Select the session you wish and the date on the calendar. Confirm with prepayment.

If you have any questions or concerns beforehand, feel free to contact Robyn. 

Change Booking

Cancellations: 100% cancellation fee applies if you cancel within 24hrs of your scheduled appointment. If you are cancelling more than 24hrs ahead of your booking, simply login to your account to amend and your refund will be issued within 14 days.

Reschedule: If you need to reschedule your tarot reading, simply login to your account and check the calendar for a preferred date. Please note, your booking cannot be rescheduled within 24hrs of the original booking.


Robyn has been channeling since July 2020. She had felt a natural pull in this direction with physical throat tapping sensations. This led  to allowing herself to open up to what was out there. She connects with a collective of 12 seventh dimensional entities called Unnakasunja, translated as 'We Within You'. Since she began channeling, Robyn continues to work at raising her frequencies to help remove the congestion of her own 'little lies' (as they call them) to understand the mechanics of channeling and develop further. 

Unnakasunja patiently encourage opening up to unconditional love and more. 'Love It Or More' are their words, vocalised often enough to drum in that there is unlimited potential to love and creation and how the frequency of surrendering to love is the pathway to further knowledge and wisdom. 

Channeled Videos for the Collective


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