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LOVE IT OR MORE guide book to Spiritual Awakening and Channeling available soon. Scroll down for recommendations and resources to dive deeper into spirituality and consciousness.

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Love It Or More

A Guide to Spiritual Awakening & Channeling

A spiritual awakening is a solo journey. It can be a distressing experience if you don’t know what it is. It affects every part of your life; mental, physical, and emotional. Many of those, who cannot make sense of the changes, fear the worst: that they are going insane. They wouldn’t dare speak of it; in case their fears are true. However, you are not going crazy. You are simply following your soul’s journey in this evolutionary shift. You would be surprised at how many people are going through the same thing.

Love It Or More is a comprehensive guidebook in two parts: Spiritual Awakening and Channeling. Part One: walks you through the awakening process. It offers practical tools and explanations if you are experiencing strange symptoms, esoteric concepts that are easy to understand, scientific references, and further resources. This includes examples of the author’s personal experiences, delivered in an honest, grounded, and often humorous narrative.

Part Two: describes how to awaken the innate ability of channeling, that is available to all. The author’s connection with a benevolent seventh density collective, Unnakasunja, provides a strong foundation to guide you through the physical and metaphysical process of channeling. 

Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or already on your spiritual path, ‘Love It Or More’ is an inspiring invitation to reach out and discover more of who you really are.


Discover resources that will enhance your spiritual growth that are relatively easy and inexpensive to access. From products to resources, below are some recommendations to get you started. This list will be periodically updated so feel free to check in from time to time.

The Power of Now by Eckhardt Tolle

Life changing book and bestseller by Spiritual Leader, Eckhardt Tolle who had a profound spiritual awakening to enlightenment. This book is very digestible, makes common sense and somehow speaks privately to each reader. Highly recommended! (Also audiobook)

Namaste Yoga Safaris

A personal friend of mine runs these incredible Yoga Safaris in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Uganda. She combines her wealth of Tour Guiding knowledge and her passion for Yoga as a trained teacher to these amazing natural destinations.

Stargate Experience Academy

Led by Prageet Harris and Julieanne Conard who deliver guided meditations and courses around the world to assist in the rapid awakening of human consciousness. These meditations have literally made my body zing and tingle as high dimensional frequencies are brought in.

Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts

If you fancy delving a bit deeper into metaphysics in a way that is easy to comprehend, check out this 'must have' resource from back in the 70s. Channeled by Jane Roberts and documented by her hubby, Robert Butts, this is an essential guide to conscious living, on par with Edgar Cayce's work and A Course in Miracles. Also available in Audiobook..

Sacred Destiny Tarot Deck

As a Tarot Reader, I've used many decks out there. The thing I find so special about this Oracle Deck by Denise Linn is that apart from the stunning artwork and beautifully written booklet, these cards seem to be bouncing with their own energy. Often during shuffling, cards that jump out literally seem to formulate sentences. I love this!

128 Hertz Tuning Fork

Whilst a fairly low frequency, this tuning fork can aid your nervous system, joints and muscles through the reverberation and resonance. Use it directly on chakra points or in flowing motions around your body to pull out blockages.

Meditation Resources

Meditation is a healing experience of finding stillness within and paying attention to the present moment. The intention is inner peace and acknowledging with kindness unwanted thoughts, emotions or ego that tries to distract. Meditation is an 'aliveness' of the here and now. It can be used as a tool for inner balance, preparation for Astral Traveling and Channeling as well as developing intuition as you intend to connect with your soul.


The goal is to connect with the heart centre and shift awareness to the 'second brain'. Connect with the oneness of unconditional which is infinite in nature.


Yoga, along with Tai Chi and Qigong are typical physical practices of meditation, combining meditation, controlled breathing and gentle movement in a holistic approach.


Practising breath-work is a valuable tool in keeping your focus, as well as many other physiological benefits such as balanced blood pressure, stronger respiratory function and improved immune system.


Whether it's sound bowls, tuning forks, toning, gentle music or chanting, sound is a powerful tool to clear the mind and deepen meditation.

Brief Meditations Videos

Channeling Resources

Channeling is the opening up to access universal knowledge, energy and creativity through a meditative or trance-like state. It can be expressed in many ways and we humans have been doing it consciously or unconsciously since we have walked the earth. Every person has the innate ability to tap into energies matched with their own frequency to gain insight, information and connection. 


Activating the throat chakra and verbally speaking either in your mother tongue, Light Language or combination.

A sure sign that you have been channeling is when you grab the closest dictionary after listening back to the audio recording. Vocabulary, expressions and word constructions are very different to your own.


This is the most common for all when we are in creative pursuit. As long as we let go of expectation, time ceases to exist and creativity flows. 

Anything connected to creativity, be it landscape gardening, painting, composing music, playing instruments, singing, inventing, carpentry etc all have the ability to raise us to a dimension where opportunity and potential reside. In this place, we are free to express.

Often is the case that you are so consumed in a project separate from intellectual and logical left brain that eating, sleeping and logic are of little importance. However, neither are you operating from the right hemisphere or creativity and logic. In fact, you are functioning from the opening of the pineal gland.


Many writers do this without thinking. Some do it as an exercise in creativity to loosen the constructs of the mind and open the imagination. In fact, automatic writing was a big part of devising theatre in Robyn's Theatre degree at University.

Some people channel this way by handwriting or by computer, with open glazed eyes or eyes shut. It always depends on what is comfortable for the person. Ultimately it is a flow of information that seems to 'write itself'.


The golden oldies of vocal Channelers such as Edgar Cayce and Jane Roberts made a prominent mark in our modern western world despite the everyday occurrences within indigenous tribes throughout the world. 

Today, Channeling is fast becoming mainstream and many of our popular accomplished vocal Channelers have been at it since the 80s, namely Daryl Anka, Lee Carroll and Esther Hicks, among many others.

Mainstream Channelers

Energy Healing Resources

Energy Healing is the channeling of universal life force to help remove blockages from the body and bring back the natural chi of balance harmony, flow and vitality. 


Remote energy healing can be done in a similar way to vocal channeling and Reiki. Through a meditative state a healer puts aside their own filters like an empty vessel and conduits universal life energy to the person in need.


Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing, most often with the healer close by the patient although can be done remotely. Qigong is a Chinese form of gentle exercise that works with the removing energetic blockages in the body that someone can practise on their own.


Every molecule in the universe vibrates with frequencies, positive or negative, including within our bodies. When vibrations are not free-flowing they compact in density and materalise into pain, ailments and disease.


While these techniques involve a practitioner with physical touch, they also work with energy flows or meridians in the body, including Reflexology.


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